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Online Casino Reviews >>> Baccarat Strategy

Baccarat is not your typical game of strategy, but it is a game that offers one of the lowest House Edge's in the online casino.  And surprisingly enough, there are a few things you can do and look for to bring the House Edge down even more.  Baccarat is known as being a rich man's game, hearkening back to the days of James Bond and other high-rolling stars.  True, the game usually has higher stakes than some other games.  But, you can find tables at many casinos with low minimums, as well as mini-baccarat - a favorite game for many players.

To get the lowest House Edge possible at blackjack, you should try to find a table that plays with fewer decks (eight is the standard) and has a 4% commission. (The standard commission is 5%)  These conditions are not impossible to find, and may just take some research if you are dedicated enough to playing baccarat.  To show how much of a difference these factors can make, a 5% commission on the Banker Bet has a House Edge of about 1.2%.  With a 4% commission, this bet now has a House Edge of only .6%.  Read the game rules at your casino of choice and look for it as part of a promotional offer.

As far as playing the game goes, it is advised to not use the Martingale system, or any other betting system designed to make up for losses.  This is not to entirely negate the efficacy of the Martingale system, for the system does have a mathematical claim.  However, it is very dangerous to use, and can wipe out an entire bankroll in the blink of an eye.  It is more fitted for very, very, very large bankrolls (ones that can afford to lose large sums of money).  A better alternative is to use a good bankroll management strategy that includes setting losing limits, predetermined playing time sessions, disciplined breaks, and winning limits if you are presupposed to greed.  Last but not least, it is advised that you bet on the Banker Hand the majority of the time.  The Player hand does not have the commission imposed on it, but does have an ever-so-slightly higher Casinos Advantage.


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