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Online Casino Reviews >>> Craps Strategy

Craps is an intimidating gambling game to many players.  Even though the craps table can be the most exciting place in the casino, most players shy away from it because they are not confident playing the game.  Oftentimes, craps players are hit with a stigma of being street-hustler types who have made a living off of rolling dice on a chalk-covered sidewalk.  And although this might be true in some situations, the bulk of craps players are regular gamblers like yourself, who simply took the time to learn the rules of the game, as well as a good strategy to match. 

The terrific thing about the craps strategy (as opposed to some other game specific strategies) is that it makes the game easier to play.  The reason being is that there are many bets on the craps table not worth your time and money.  They are high stakes/high luck bets that some players make in a lottery-like attempt to win a larger payout.  A good craps strategy, therefore, begins by advising players to not ever make certain bets:

  • Proposition Bets, Lay Bets, Buy Bets and Field Bets should not be made (Their House Edge is much too high when compared to pass and come bets).

  • Pass Bets and Come Bets are the preferred bets to make 99% of the time (For slower play and a longer stretch on your bankroll, keep to pass bets more often.  Fast action come bets have a low House Edge too, but should only be made when you feel you have a grasp playing the game).

  • Know your betting denominations (If you insist on making place bets, know ahead of time which numbers give a more even payout, depending on the stake denomination - If this is confusing, good, for you are better off sticking to pass bets anyways).

  • Back all Pass Best that make it through the come-out roll with Free Odds (This is a bet in equal size to the original pass line bet that pays off True Odds, thus the reason this bet should always be exploited...It brings the House Edge down from 1.5% to nearly .8%).


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