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Online Casino Reviews >>> Slots Strategy

While the ultimate key to a successful slots strategy is a knack for getting lucky, in all seriousness, there are steps players can take to increase their return on the slot machines. 

The first step is picking the right casino and slot machine.  If you are planning to play slots, you need to pick an online casino that has payout percentages consistently above-average.  What this equates to is an average monthly payout of 97% or better. Simply visit a casinos website to view their monthly payout reports (prepared by a third-party auditing firm) for previous slot payouts going back at least six months.

Next, you should open a free account and practice playing the slot machine with fake coins.  Take note of how to change stakes, bet on multiple reels, and the most important thing of all - the slot machine's payout table.  You need not memorize the entire payout table, but should at least be familiar with the machines winning symbols and their potential combinations.  The software will automatically credit your account when you have hit a winning combo, stopping to let you know the results of each spin until your spin again.

If playing multiple spin slot machines, only put holds on symbols that are paired or wild.  Putting a hold on a single symbol in an attempt to hit a winning combo simply makes matters more difficult. If playing progressive jackpot machines, always bet the maximum amount, or you will not be eligible to win the jackpot.  Obviously, you should pick a progressive machine with maximum stake amounts fitting to your bankroll.  In other words, do not pick a $5 machine when you only have $50 to play with.  This brings up another very important consideration - bankroll management.  Slots can be an intoxicating experience, sometimes turning into a zombie-like activity for many bettors.  It is a good idea to put a limit to both your winnings and losses at slots.  Putting a limit on winnings is not recommended for every casino game, but for slots is necessary due to the nature of the game.


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